ViveDrive is simple yet smarter than the average cloud because it lets you access, share and sync everything, no matter where it sits, in the cloud or on any device you own. No more searching for things in multiple spots, stressing over sending large files or worrying about whether your files are safe.

ViveDrive lets you continue to use the storage you already have on other cloud services or the local storage that is on your computers. Keep those mega folders of photos or epic collections of music on your desktop computer hard drive. Keep the files you need to access quickly on multiple devices in your clouds. Then access all of it in one interface under ViveDrive. It doesn’t matter where it is; ViveDrive has a simple, easy way to connect you to what you need.
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HomeNet Manager
Managing and securing your home network can be cumbersome and time consuming. Don't waste your valuable time on home network setup, let HomeNet Manager do it for you.

With HomeNet Manager you can:
  • Secure your wireless network and keep intruders out
  • Share files and printers easily
  • Discover and manage all devices in your network
  • Automatically solve network-related problems
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