Cloud Computing

Benefits of Cloud Services for Business

Cloud Services

Before going into the benefits of cloud services for business, it will be relevant to know what cloud computing actually is.

Simply put, cloud computing is based fully on the Internet. In the past, businesses ran their programmes and applications on software that was present in their physical systems and servers installed in their premises. Now, cloud services enable businesses to run the same applications but directly through the Internet. As a business owner, whether you are generating emails on the move or working on your operational data, you can use cloud services to manage your computing systems.

There are many benefits of using cloud services and it is one reason why businesses are increasingly shifting to this platform. Here are the main advantages of cloud computing as against the traditional combination of computers and servers.

  • Flexible options – If your business is one that has fluctuating growth demands, cloud computing will be ideal for you. If your needs increase you can quickly scale up your requirements on cloud servers. Similar is the case with scaling down as cloud allows you this facility. Hence you do not have to opt for additional physical servers at peak demand times and bear with idle capacity at low times.
  • Software updated automatically – You can avoid the pains of periodically updating software. The fact that your servers are not within sight means that you do not have to worry about this aspect at all. Cloud service providers regularly roll out updates thereby saving you time and money. Most importantly, security updates are also incorporated at periodical intervals so that you can be sure about complete protection of your data on cloud.
  • Investment free savings – Setting up and installing high end servers in your business can be a very expensive proposition. With cloud, you are instantly eliminating the need for costly hardware and software. Cloud providers have a subscription model and you simply pay for actual usage. This is especially beneficial for small business that otherwise would have to shell out huge quantum of investments by diverting funds from growth related activities.

Hence the best part of cloud computing is that you have investment free services at low rates. This is quite unlike other sectors. Take beauty care for example in the state of Victoria, Australia. If a tattoo removal machine in Melbourne or state of the art IPL laser  machines need to be installed,the salon owner has to buy and install the equipment with investment made upfront. Unlike cloud, the services from tattoo removal cannot be outsourced to third parties.

  • Disaster recovery – All businesses have to be very cautious about loss of data due to unforeseen circumstances and recovering them from computer systems can be extremely tedious and expensive. Smaller businesses do not have the expertise for this exercise and have to hire highly paid professionals for the job. With cloud, there is no possibility of data loss or hacking into systems by third party elements and you get all benefits of optimised recovery solutions.
  • Control of documents – In this case cloud is very beneficial for all businesses, regardless of the size and scale. In conventional computing systems, employees have to send files through email to others in different departments. This can be quite complex because of conflicting file formats, content and titles. In cloud, all files are stored centrally at one point and all employees can see the same version, thereby removing any scope of misinterpretation of documents. This results in greater collaboration between staff and increased productivity.

These are some of the benefits that businesses get from availing cloud computing services.

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