What is Cloud Computing and its Uses?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the latest major evolution in computing and it relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. In cloud computing, the word cloud is a metaphor for the internet which means an internet based computing where different services such as servers, storage and applications are delivered to an organisation’s computer and devices via internet. The cloud infrastructure is maintained by the cloud provider and not the individual cloud customer.

The services of cloud computing rely on advanced software applications and high-end networks of server computers. In the initial days of computing, services were hosted locally on individual devices and could only be accessed from that single piece of hardware. However, as the technology advanced and the internet came in it led to the applications and data to be stored and can be accessed from anywhere. This anytime, anywhere connectivity is changing the security paradigm in Australia and all over the world.

Cloud computing has been recognised with growing competitiveness throughout superior flexibility, cost reduction, optimal resource utilisation and elasticity.

Here are some uses of cloud computing in security.

Helps Security Dealers

The power of cloud computing for security dealers is all about account insights. Data from internet connected security systems can now be accessed remotely, allowing for quick identification of the issues faced by consumers. In addition to this, cloud is enabling business growth and customer loyalty by allowing security dealers to identify customers that have not subscribed to but might benefit from certain services. A good example here is of One-Tech Security. They have a Grade A monitoring centre that monitors alarms and alerts you in case of an intrusion, low battery signals, smoke alarm activations, medical/panic button activation, open/close reporting and many more.

Enhances Commercial Security

Cloud security applications help enhance the security of the commercial buildings by enabling them with remote access control and sophisticated 24/7 surveillance. The granting and revoking of access can now be done instantly from anywhere, every individual does not need to be escorted personally. Cloud computing also allows for complex video analytics which can detect, track and classify the behaviours of people and vehicles in the premises. Push notifications alerts the user whenever a suspicious behaviour is detected so that security management can intervene immediately. In addition to this, cloud also provides great insight into day to day activities such as when and where employees or vendors have accessed certain spaces or even if a door was left open.

Enhances Home Security

Cloud computing forms the backbone of smart home trends paving the way for security systems to integrate with home automation solutions. These solutions provide immense sense of security as the home owners can now manage the security systems remotely through their mobile devices. They just need to install Melbourne security alarms and can access the system from anywhere. It makes easer to answer the doorbell when not at home, monitor any suspicious activity, lights can be switched on and off and many more. Additional peripherals such as smart locks and video doorbells provide advanced security features.

For security businesses this little thing called cloud computing turns out to be a pretty big deal. It helps them monitor all premises from residential to business for total peace of mind. To learn more about cloud based security solutions visit https://www.onetecsecurity.com.au/.


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